'Inclusion and acceptance sums it up'

'Leanne cares for us like family. She has a very caring nature and her energy and enthusiasm shine through. We always leave with full hearts! She is patient and has a great understanding of the needs and feelings of the group. It’s a safe environment where we laugh and  cry often...there are normally happy tears when our little ones achieve something - proud parents together! 'Inclusion' and 'acceptance' sum it up.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without it. 💗 We love The VIP Club. 🌈


'A truly unique service'

The VIP Club is a truly unique service for us; in fact, it feels very much like a place where we belong - like home. Our children are celebrated for who they are and all they can do; this makes us a community of parents who support one another: we share experiences, advice, fun, frustrations. Leanne gives generously of her expertise and has genuine delight in our children. She gently pushes them towards their potential using a wealth of experience and training; she equips us to continue at home. I love this group; there is nothing else like it in the city. It’s a privilege to part of it and the benefits to my daughter and myself are vast.


'Welcoming, warm and educational'

The VIP club is the best club I've found since having my little Grace. It's a welcoming, warm and educational group not just for the children. Grace loves all the interaction and eagerly observes the activities. I myself am learning how to improve my communication skills with Grace and comfortably learn new signs at each session. It's a wonderful group to be part of.

'A scene of many triumphs'

The VIP club makes both Liam and I feel very important. It has been a fantastic learning experience and the scene of many triumphs such as signing crocodile and saying his name for the first time. Leanne is such a warm and caring person and brilliantly demonstrates communication tools in such a way that you don't realise you are being taught too!


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