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The VIP groups

Delivering support

The groups we deliver seek to support each individual child’s development in a variety of ways: e.g.
speech and language development; signing; listening; fine and gross motor skills; peer, child and parent interaction; sharing; turn  taking;  eye contact; waiting; sensory stimulation; following instructions and supporting choice. We achieve this by using a range of specific strategic approaches tailored to both the needs of the group and to each individual child.

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Our Groups

Our groups are on a Tuesday and a Thursday from 10am-11.30 and 12.30-2pm  (in term time only). 

Groups currently have limited numbers to ensure we can meet the needs of the cchildren in each group.

 The group begins with a short free play session to enable the children and parents time to arrive and settle into the room. Each group follows a structure which is repeated every week, this supports the children to understand the routine and build their confidence.

We use signalong and boardmaker symbols throughout the sessions, alongside many communication strategies.

Our group sessions are delivered in 4 weeks blocks. Each block has a theme such as; festivals, weather, seasons, sensory play, colours, numbers, clothing, morning and bedtime routines, transport and messy play.

Recently we explored our topic farm animals; feeling felt from sheep, making sheep pictures, making choices of colour, textures and working on letter formation (lots of 'baaing' that week!) At the end of the block we did a group visit to the city farm to meet all of the animals we had been learning about.

We have also explored 'springtime': focusing on the growth of flowers, smelling herbs, making herb bags to take home, potato printing flowers and planting seeds.

Each 4 week block introduces new signalong, symbols and signifiers which are repeated throughout the groups. If there are specific topics families would like to cover, suggestions are always welcome!

We have covered a block on numeracy focusing on counting up to five. We did this through songs such as five speckled frogs, five little ducks, five yummy cakes, five fat sausages. Song bags with all of the props were then made so each child could choose which one to take home. Symbols of each song covered in the block were sent home too the children seemed to love the bags and requesting songs at home. Each bag covered several areas of development including counting, fine motor skills, eye and hand co-ordination, turn taking and problem solving. A great opportunity for consistency and the children getting to share this experience with their families.

We recently had a request from several families if we could focus on morning and bedtime routines. Their was lots of role playing from the children. We used a symbolled timetable for each step in the routines.

The children seemed to enjoy bathing baby dolls and getting their pyjamas and tucking them into bed for a bedtime story.

After the work is done the children sit around a table together and enjoy snack with their friends, this also gives the parents/carers the opportunity to chat.

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Forest for all

Woodland sessions for children with additional support needs.

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The Very Inclusive Play Club and Trees and Seas Outdoor Adventures work in collaboration delivering woodland and beach sessions for children and families with additional support needs.

These sessions are led by therapeutic forest practitioners, forest school leaders/assistants and childcare practitioners.

We bring together 30 years of combined knowledge and experience and are keen to offer a natural, safe, calm and supported environment for your children to play, learn and have fun.

Our sessions are mainly child-led with some games and activities to assist in the development of resilience, independence, language, social and emotional skills.

Child-led play gives children the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace, this also allows us to identify what their interests are and we can focus in on this to help them to connect with nature.

Sessions will be tailored to ensure they meet the needs of each child. Siblings are welcome to attend and we promote sibling bonding to help create special family memories.

Parents of children with additional support needs can have many concerns such as:

  • Will my child be able to take part in the activity

  • Will staff leading the activity understand their needs and adjust their communication style in line with accordingly?

  •  Can anyone use sign?

  •  Is there adapted equipment available?

  • Will anyone understand how to manage behaviour others find challenging?

Our response to these queries and concerns is a resounding Yes - we have the training, experience and skills to support your child. We may need to make adjustments now and again, and are always willing to take advice from you the parents and carers who know your child best.

Questions and concerns can all be discussed prior to booking sessions to support your child in the best way we can.

Our sessions are held within Craigmillar Park-

Every second Saturday of the Month  10am to 12pm for Primary School aged children and Families. These families are accessible to all, we do have funding to offer free spaces for families living in EH16/17 area.

To book please visit

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The sensory sessions

The VIP club has had an amazing opportunity from The Smart play network to have a 5 week block on their sensory bus. The children got to explore many different sensory activities and have lots of fun in the sessions that were delivered by the amazing staff.

Leanne also delivers consultancy training and freelance work for the smart play network.

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