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Our Vision

The VIP Club seeks to offer hope and understanding to families who have a child with an additional support need. To offer an inclusive and compassionate community. To support each child's development and to empower parents with the knowledge that will enable them to support their child's development.

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Our Mission

The VIP Club is for children aged 0-5 years who have additional support needs. The club offers structured and inclusive group sessions for each child and their parents/carers, and is a place where they can come to learn, play and have fun together. The sessions focus on specific areas in order to promote development for the individuals in the groups. The club seeks to equip families with strategies and techniques which they can use to support their child's journey to reach their full potential.

About us: About Us
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About Us

The VIP Club was established in 2017 by myself, Leanne Reid.  After the closure of a key service in the local area, a huge void was left in the lives of the children and families who had depended and thrived upon that structured learning environment they had been part of.  I was one of the dedicated practitioners who had worked in that amazing service for 5 years and, alongside parents and other dedicated staff members, had fought for its survival.  Sadly, the service could not be saved due to circumstances outwith everyone's control.  

After several requests from parents who were bereft of their beloved service and who recognised my passion and commitment for their children, we started this new group and united our shared vision. This vision was to create a place that would support children with additional needs and their parents.  The desire was for a regular and structured programme that would target specific development areas and help individuals reach their fullest potential. And that is exactly what The VIP Club now offers.

I 'Leanne' bring with me 19 years’ experience and training in working with children who have additional support needs in a variety of settings such as schools, residential schools, supported accommodation, family homes, secure units, hospitals, outreach, nurseries and early years services. Since setting up The VIP Club I have also been offering consultancy services, training and freelance to other organisation.

I treasure The VIP Club and its members, and am delighted at how it has been growing and flourishing in the past year. We have come such a long way from our humble beginnings in a four-man tent in my own back garden!  

About us: About Us
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